• automatic-sampling-console

    Automatic sampling console

    The XC-5000 AutoKinetic Series is designed for conducting isokinetic sampling...

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  • manual-sampling-console

    Manual Sampling console

    The XC-572 Source Sampling Console is the metric version of the XC-522. It is a full featured, compact, and lightweight Isokinetic Source Sampler...

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  • sampling-pumps

    Sampling pumps

    The Lubricated Rotary Vane Pump includes a 5’ power cord and two wire-reinforced, kink-free hoses with nonreversible quick connects...

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  • umbilicals


    Split Umbilical Cables are designed for added versatility for use in rigid and flexible configurations...

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  • sample-probes

    Sample probes

    The Standard Heated Probe feature a 1" diameter sheath constructed from corrosion resistant stainless steel...

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  • glasware-sets-pic

    Type S Pitots

    Type-S Pitot Tubes are used to measure gas velocities. In source testing, much of the work is concerned with flowing gas streams...

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  • impinger-boxes-and-accessories

    Impinger boxes and accessories

    The impinger cases are constructed from thick aluminum (to reduce cracking)...

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  • glassware-full-set

    Glassware Sets

    The Deluxe Method 5 Glassware Set with Transport Case (GN-DGS) contains all the glassware plus spares for a full test series...

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  • glasware-sets-pic

    Impingers, Inserts and Bottles

    A complete range of impingers for all european and US EPA isokinetic methods. Made from extra heavy duty Borosilicate glass...

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  • ins-and-outs

    Filter half – In and Out

    Complete range of glass filter half's from 2 to 4 inches featuring extra heavy borosilicate glass...

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  • glasware-sets-pic

    Connectors, Adapters, Plugs and Caps

    Individual glassware and accessories of glassware featuring extra heavy borosilicate glass...

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  • method-23

    Method 23 Glassware

    Individual glassware and accessories of glassware for Dixon sampling featuring extra heavy borosilicate glass...

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  • sample-boxes

    Isokinetic Sample Boxes

    Constructed of lightweight, powder-coated aluminum with insulted aluminum panels. Stainless steel hardware...

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  • cyclone

    PM2.5-10K Cyclone Kit

    Cyclones are designed for in-stack particle sizing applications...

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  • sample

    Sample Recovery Kit

    Meets all of your sample recovery component needs...

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