• j2knpro

    ecom J2KNpro

    With wireless remote control, the J2KNpro adds extra convenience and flexibility to a system that is already portable...

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  • ecom-d-pic


    Functioning as a durable handheld that easily fits in the palm of your hand or as a case mounted analyser...

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  • en2


    The ecom-EN2 is a compact portable combustion analyser, offering features found on larger, more expensive units...

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  • cl


    The ecom-CL is an easy to use gas analyser designed for basic combustion monitoring in a variety of applications...

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  • uno


    Differential pressure measurement in a handy pocket size format...

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  • dp


    com-DP, with one sensor ± 0-1500 hPa...

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  • lsg


    Gas Leak Detector for flammable gases...

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  • ak-head


    The read-out head ecom-AK offers all these diagnosis possibilities for all current digital firing automats...

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